Our Team

We are part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), and the Pre-Authorized Program.


Peter Durham
Peter joined the Hanks team in 2010 and he holds a 309A Electrical Certificate as a Journeyman.

Graham Hale
Graham started at Hanks in 2011 and is currently holds a 309A Electrical Certificate as a Journeyman.

Bryan Durham
Bryan joined the Hanks team in 2010 and has recently obtained his Electrical Certificate as a 309A Journeyman.

Earl Brown
Earl is a Journeyman with a 309A Electrical Certificate, and he joined our team in 2010


Matt Crabtree
Matt joined our team in 2015 as a 1st year Apprentice.

Brianna Whitfield
Brianna has recently joined the Hanks family in the fall of 2016 to begin her electrical apprenticeship.