Our electrical services include: home insurance upgrades, residential and commercial, small or large jobs.


Real Estate Agents

  • Don’t let the purchase of an older home get your client uneasy. Updating the wiring in home isn’t as scary as it may seem. We can make an appointment with you and your client to do an in-home inspection of what would be involved to bring the wiring to the current code retirements.
  • In most cases the client feels that this kind of work may require tearing down walls and generally making a huge mess and expense. This is never the case. When we rewire, either a whole home or just partially, the mess and inconvenience are minimal. When we do this work we always include for any patching of holes (which are minimal) to be included, therefore keeping the cost down.
  • With an on-site visit with your client we can explain and show all this to make your client feel much more comfortable with the possibilities that an older home would have for them.

Property Managers

  • Over many years Hank’s Electric has been the main electrical contractor for many different property management agencies. The fact that we provide 24 hour emergency service gives a secure feeling to both management companies and the residents involved.
  • We also have adequate staff to handle those last minute urgencies to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Our phones are answered by a live person 24 hours a day and all of our technicians are radio dispatched.
  • You can contact us to create a service plan that suits your specific needs


  • When Labour Savings are Important
  • Preparing for Real Estate Sales
  • Meeting Code Requirements for Insurance
  • Where Valuable Mounting Space is Limited
  • For New Installations or Renovations
  • Accessing Energy Efficient Upgrades
  • Energy Savings Programs for Retail Stores