Aluminum wiring was used in homes for a short period of time in the 1970’s. Although the aluminum wire is still used today in many applications the problem that is found with residential applications has shown up with the oxidation of the connections in the home. The recommended application to resolve the problems cause by this is to use what has been termed a “copper pigtailing” method. This procedure involves cutting a new clean end of the aluminum wire at all connection points in the home (example: outlets, light fixtures, switches and junction boxes). After a new cut is made we attach a piece of copper (where space permits) and use a type of marrette with nolox (anti-oxidizing compound) in it to make the new connection. This procedure is very non-invasive and it can be done in a short time period. It includes and Electrical Safety Authority Inspection Certificate. We provide an in-home written estimate at no charge for this procedure.